How Society Isolates Those That Are Different

December 16, 2011 10:07 pm


so today i was trying to be a good kid, do my work and actually accomplish something. not only did i refrain from post your daily dash of awesomeness here i refrained from ALL OF TUMBLR! 

period one:
a lovely time when i miss the first 15 minutes of class to go to homerooms, being the 7th day of Christmas we had NAME THAT HO. it sounds a lot worse when you weren’t there to experience it :p You missed Think Day, LiveDifferent an organization that helps all the less fortunate people in the world. holy crap it was amazing, not only did the lights make the whole gym look like a rave there was a live band and jenny cried from some of the stories. plus jen, emily and i have decided we will be bailing on you guys for a bit either next summer or next winter break to go on a mission trip. have fun in the amazing Canada while we roast in Haiti or Mexico or the Dominican or Thailand.  

PHYSICS: oh guch, such an easy guy to get off topic. he basically told us all about his mission trips cause Emily is a genius and got him to talk most of the class. we also found out guch had some Spanish bittie when he went, apparently they were very close ;) cept he wouldn’t tell us the girls name… silly guch, we did a whole 15 minutes worth of note, ill post that next. 

leadership: you  didn’t miss anything to be honest, i sat down the science hall with Hanna while she painted i caught up on homework. 

so wrestling tournement! 
lucas got forth i believe, delaney and zoe both received a silver… i don’t really think you would worry about any one else :p
and i will post the rest of the long note up tonight!